What is Make a Mask?

A full-face mask that pops out of one piece of card would be a great thing right?
You could decorate it with pens, pencils or paint & customize it by adding extra bits to create really individual masks.
That's what Make a Mask designer Steve thought.
 He'd been making card masks for his three boys since they were tiny & wondered if a simple solution could be found.....
 After a lot of cutting, folding and plonking on heads, this is what he came up with! 
From there things started to develop quickly. We designed a small range of printed character masks which showed the potential of the concept.
Then we launched the products at the Toy Fair London in January 2013. See the stand here!
Here's a movie of some kids testing them at the Toy Fair 'Demo Zone'.
The response was fantastic. The simple originality of the masks drew a lot of attention and we came away with an order from Sony for promotional masks for Daft Punk! See the story here. 
We've also recently made American football helmets for the NFL (see here) and are looking to expand our own character range in the near future.
One of the greatest things about the masks is seeing what you will do with them?
Check out our 'Making Masks' page and look at what some school children have done with them here. The blank masks are easily customisable for children and adults to have great fun exploring the boundless possibilities.
"The best fun is the fun you make for yourself!"
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