Make a Mask and decorate!

First, here is a video to show you how the masks assemble.

You can also view or download instructions here.

The plain masks are made from quality art card and ready to decorate.

It's pretty simple, you just draw straight onto the assembled mask.

It's a good idea to sketch out your ideas first in pencil to make sure you get all the proportions right and things in the right places.

Then you can use marker pens, paint or crayons to colour in your mask.

The great thing is, the masks are exactly the same on both sides so you can take them apart and re-decorate.

You can also customize Make a Mask by adding extra pieces like noses or ears.

This really opens up the possibilities for different characters like animals or monsters.

Here are some examples made from our downloadable templates that you can print out at home.

Use heavyweight printer paper for best results, or print on paper and glue them to card and cut out.

Why not experiment with bits of paper first and see what you can come up with.

These are just some of our ideas. We will be adding more templates for you to download.

You could use them as a basis for developing your own features to add to the masks.

You can cut out a mouth hole if you like, or make the eye holes bigger. Just take care not to cut through any of the tabs or slots that hold the mask together.

Have fun, be careful with scissors and staplers, and please take care that you don't add anything that's going to scratch or hurt the person wearing the mask.


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