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We offer flexible packages of plain masks for schools and art groups at reduced rates. If you would like to find out more email us at; Please tell us the name of your organisation, your position there and your requirements.
I recently purchased 66 plain masks from Make-a-Mask
for three classes at King Alfred School,
Two Year 5 (9-10 years old) classes and my Year 1 (5-6 years old) class.
Year 5 
I demonstrated how to assemble a mask to the whole class, a step at a time. There were 3 adults in the classroom to assist where necessary. Most managed really well, others (kids that didn’t have the fullest concentration!) had a few hiccups, but thanks to the resilience and quality of the card used, no fatal mistakes! It was such a fun session, later the children painted their masks with bright acrylics.
They looked amazing.
Year 1
This age group required more structured support with assembling the masks. I worked one to one, with me doing the fiddlier parts and the child doing whatever I felt they were capable of. The children were very excited and imaginative about how they would decorate them. I told them they could download extra add-ons like ears and snouts at home. 
They all went home wearing them!
This was such a fun activity with a fabulous finished product at the end. It was a great way to demonstrate and learn how to follow instructions and for creative and imaginative learning. It was also a great practice for fine motor skills.
Teresa Hales
Teaching Assistant
King Alfred School, London NW11
My art club students tried these out this year and really liked the project. First I showed them how to put the mask together using the video as an example. We talked and brainstormed about different ideas we could use, then drew some sketches. Students drew lightly with pencil on their masks and some added ears and snouts out of paper. The last step was painting with tempra paint. Other kids in the building have seen the results and are very excited to join art club.
I will definitely use the mask in the future.
Mark Mannion
New Hope Solebury Upper Elementary School
New Hope, PA, USA
K-5 Art; 3rd -5th grade
8-11 years old